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About EarPiercingStore.comOur customer value-driven philosophy is to provide the best shopping experience through our online store and extend it to each customer by offering the lowest possible prices and the best possible selection of ear piercing products.
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The Steri-Cartridge 3000 piercing system.
Cartridge loaded ear piercing. Choose either the spring activated, trigger released Steri-Cartridge 3000 ear piercing instrument with all of the best features of Roman's original ear piercing system combined with a new nickel free pre-sterilized ear piercing stud cartridge or choose the Steri-Cartridge 3000 Squeeze ear piercing instrument for quiet control. Both instruments can use the same ear piercing stud cartridge. The latest innovation in ear piercing guns.
      The ultimate in hygiene, the technician never has to touch the cartridge or ear piercing stud when loading or unloading the ear piercing instrument. Everything that touches the ear is pre-sterilzed and disposable.

The Steri Cartridge is available with a selection of genuine nickel free 14kt gold ear piercing studs or with a variety of hypoallergenic 24kt gold plated and surgical stainless steel ear piercing studs.

Universal Ear piercing
Roman can fulfill your needs for universal ear piercing studs with the System 2500. Our competitively priced selection of hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel and hypoallergenic 24kt gold plated ear piercing studs will fit most universal ear piercing guns and ear piercing instruments. Ear piercing starter kits contain everything you need to start your own ear piercing business. Promotional material available in our download section can be printed right on your own PC printer.

Our Mission at EarPiercingStore.com
We at EarPiercingStore.com take pride in our quality, selection, and service. Please call us TOLL FREE at 800-225-8652 to get answers to any questions.

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