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Frequently asked questions

Q: How long has Roman Research been in the ear piercing business?
A: Roman Research revolutionized the earring industry in 1970 with our development of the first, safe, sterile one step ear piercing system. Prior to that time, ear piercing was most often done with ice cubes and needles or in a doctor's office.
Q: How is Roman Research's ear piercing system different?
A: Roman Research's ear piercing instruments are loaded with pre-sterilized studs. After the location of the piercing is marked, the system can be safely positioned on the ear lobe without fear of premature firing due to the positive trigger release on the ear piercing instrument. When the trigger is activated, the instrument uses spring tension to pierce the ear with a pre-laoded earring. The earring back is simultaneously placed on the earring. Many of our competitor's insturments do not have the trigger release.
Q: How is Roman's newest piercing System 3000 different?
A: Roman's original system, now known as the System 2500 universal system (universal because most of our competitors have copied our original system) uses a presterilized ear piercing stud that must be loaded into the barrel of the ear piercing instrument manually. The New System 3000 uses a cartridge that is pre-loaded with the stud and clasp. The ear piercing technician never touches the studs and all system parts that may touch the ear are completely disposable. The System 3000 still maintains the trigger activated piercing for precise positioning and safety.
Q: Does Roman also offer a squeeze style instrument?
A: Yes. Roman Research's new System 3000 Squeeze Instrument uses the same ear piercing cartridge as our System 3000 Spring Release Instrument.
Q: Why would I want to use a squeeze instrument?
A: Many piercing technicians have trained with squeeze instruments or may prefer the feel of a squeeze though piercer. We have created the new system to allow the technician to choose with system is right for them, while the store owner only needs to maintain one inventory of piercing studs.
Q: Does Roman offer 14kt ear piercing studs?
A: Yes, but only for our System 3000 cartridges. Many consumers today want their first earring to be 14kt. The 14kt piercing studs we offer are safe and nickel free.
Q: Does Roman Research also sell earrings?
A: After a safe ear piercing, consumers need safe comfortable earrings. Of 1000 women surveyed in Detroit, Michigan, 47% said they could wear pierced earrings only up to one day without experiencing discomfort; 22% said they had stopped wearing pierced earrings entirely because of discomfort; 5% said they could wear pierced earrings only for short periods of time. Responding to the sensitivity problem, Roman Research created Simply Whispers fashion earrings. As with our ear piercing line, Simply Whispers are constructed entirely of safe nickel free materials, polished to a high luster and electroplated with safe, pure 24kt gold. Our truly hypoallergenic earrings are lightweight and offer a lifetime guarantee against discomfort.

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