"FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (and my ears were pierced 20 years ago) I can wear earrings and not have my ears become irritated. A skeptic by nature, I was overjoyed to find a product that actually lived up to its claim. 1 have introduced Simply Whispers to my mother, sister, and friends. We'll continue to purchase your wonderful product. Thank you! -Cindy Bartlett, Grafton, MA","

AFTER YEARS OF STRUGGLING WITH ALLERGIC REACTIONS to other earrings, it has been wonderful to know I can order any style and it will not cause a reaction. I recommend your earrings to my allergic patients. -Janice W Woolley, M.D., Mercer Island, WA",

"I JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW VERY PLEASED I am with your products! They do not irritate or burn or itch the ears and are such a pleasure to wear. I have experienced itching and irritation with other earrings claiming to be hypoallergenic, but yours really live up to everything you say! The styles are just beautiful and stylish. Thank you for creating jewelry for sensitive people like me. I tell everyone about your earrings! - Linda Brooks, Henderson, NV",

"BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR EARRINGS, I would wear a pair of earrings for one day, then I would not be able to wear earrings for at least 3 days, until my ears healed. With Simply Whispers, I can wear them every day, all day, without any irritation at all. Thank you for such wonderful earrings. - Linda Cosminski, Meriden, CT",

"MY MOTHER AND I have suffered for the past 15 years with contact dermatitis. Only when we discovered Simply Whispers did we find relief! We have been so happy with Simply Whispers that I've even put away my good diamond and sapphire studs because they bother my sensitive ears. - Karen Browne, White Oak, PA","

I AM SO HAPPY that I can finally, after 12 years, wear earrings in comfort once again. I was allergic to even the most expensive earrings. I could not wear them even for ten minutes without having terrible difficulty. I can honestly say that wearing Simply Whispers, I can have them on as long as I want without the discomfort I felt before. I will encourage anyone I know who has the same problem I had to give Simply Whispers a try. - Jan Puhl, Pittsburgh, PA","I have enjoyed wearing Simply Whispers earrings for several years. I have sensitive skin and cant wear any other earrings without a lot of itching, redness and pain. For me there is no choice; wear Simply Whispers earrings or none at all. Thank you! ")

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